1.) A Course in Cryptography (Pure and Applied Undergraduate Texts)

This book provides a compact course in modern cryptography. The mathematical foundations in algebra number theory and probability are presented with a focus on their cryptographic applications. The text provides rigorous definitions and follows the provable security approach. The most relevant cryptographic schemes are covered including block ciphers stream ciphers hash functions message authentication codes public key encryption key establishment digital signatures and elliptic curves. The current developments in post quantum cryptography are also explored with separate chapters on quantum computing lattice based and code based cryptosystems. Many examples figures and exercises as well as SageMath (Python) computer code help the reader to understand the concepts and applications of modern cryptography. A special focus is on algebraic structures which are used in many cryptographic constructions and also in post quantum systems. The essential mathematics and the modern approach to cryptography and security prepare the reader for more advanced studies. The text requires only a first year course in mathematics (calculus and linear algebra) and is also accessible to computer scientists and engineers. This book is suitable as a textbook for undergraduate and graduate courses in cryptography as well as for self study.
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2.) An Introduction to Number Theory with Cryptography (Textbooks in Mathematics)

Building on the success of the first edition An Introduction to Number Theory with Cryptography Second Edition increases coverage of the popular and important topic of cryptography integrating it with traditional topics in number theory.

The authors have written the text in an engaging style to reflect number theory’s increasing popularity. The book is designed to be used by sophomore junior and senior undergraduates but it is also accessible to advanced high school students and is appropriate for independent study. It includes a few more advanced topics for students who wish to explore beyond the traditional curriculum.

Features of the second edition include

  • Over 800 exercises projects and computer explorations

  • Increased coverage of cryptography including Vigenere Stream Transposition and Block ciphers along with RSA and discrete log based systems

  • “Check Your Understanding” questions for instant feedback to students

  • New Appendices on “What is a proof?” and on Matrices

  • Select basic (pre RSA) cryptography now placed in an earlier chapter so that the topic can be covered right after the basic material on congruences

  • Answers and hints for odd numbered problems

About the Authors:

Jim Kraft received his Ph.D. from the University of Maryland in 1987 and has published several research papers in algebraic number theory. His previous teaching positions include the University of Rochester St. Mary’s College of California and Ithaca College and he has also worked in communications security. Dr. Kraft currently teaches mathematics at the Gilman School.

Larry Washington received his Ph.D. from Princeton University in 1974 and has published extensively in number theory including books on cryptography (with Wade Trappe) cyclotomic fields and elliptic curves. Dr. Washington is currently Professor of Mathematics and Distinguished Scholar Teacher at the University of Maryland.

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3.) Applied Cryptography and Network Security 15th International Conference ACNS 2017 Kanazawa Japan July 10-12 2017 Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science)

This book constitutes the proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Applied Cryptology and Network Security ACNS 2017 held in Kanazawa Japan in July 2017.

The 34 papers presented in this volume were carefully reviewed and selected from 149 submissions. The topics focus on innovative research and current developments that advance the areas of applied cryptography security analysis cyber security and privacy data and server security.

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4.) The Modern Cryptography CookBook Cryptography for Everyone Learn from Crypto Prinicple to Applied Cryptography with Example

Cryptography Cookbook covers various working example of encryption/decryption methods hashing algorithms certificate management testing tls secure SSL GPG SSH JavaKeytool and many more. By the time you’ve read this book you will be able to adapt and use a wide variety of Crypto learning and implementations to solve/debug any problems you have.

The Modern Cryptography CookBook :

This books covers more than 1000+ recipes which include various encryption and decryption along with other crypto related functions

What you will Learn

There are more than 1000+ crypto recipies. This gives you more intuitive learning on Cryptography. These crypto recipes comes handy for sysops/sysadmin/developers/devsecops/researchers for debugging and performing crypto related functions on day to day job

Encoders & Decoders
URL Encode Decode
Base64 Encode Decode
ASCII string to hex
Convert ASCII to Hex
Learn Various PEM PEM Formats
Cryptography Algorithms
Symmetric Key cryptography
Authenticated encryption
Types of Asymmetric Key Algorithms
Quantum Breakable Algorithms
Quantum Secure Algorithms
Cryptography Algorithms
Symmetric Key cryptography
Block ciphers Modes of Operation
Authenticated encryption (both encryption and message integrity)
Quantum Breakable Algorithms
Quantum Secure Algorithms
AES (Encryption/Decryption)
DES (Encryption/Decryption)
3DES (Encryption/Decryption)
RC4 (Encryption/Decryption)
Assymtetric Key Cryptography
RSA (Encryption/Decryption)
DSA (Keygen Sign File Verify Sig)
Key exchange
Diffie Hellman
Message Digests
MAC (Message Authentication Codes)
Generate HMAC
Secure Password Hashing
bcrypt password hash
PBKDF2 (PBE Encryption/Decryption)
scrypt password hash
Crypt hash functions and limitation
MD5 password generate
Generate password for /etc/password
Cipher Suite
Managing Certificates.(Self Sign/rootCA create ecc rsa dsa certificates)
GPG (Sign/verify/store create Authentication Key )
GnuPG for SSH authentication
Modern Certificates & TLS Configuration
Nginx Secure Configuration ()
Apache Secure Configuration
HAProxy Secure Configuration
AWS ELB Secure Configuration
Testing HTTPS Services
Openssl HTTPS Testing
SSH Key Gen
Java Keytool/Keystore
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5.) Applied Cryptography Protocols Algorithms and Source Code in C

“. . .the best introduction to cryptography I’ve ever seen. . . . The book the National Security Agency wanted never to be published. . . .” Wired Magazine

“. . .monumental . . . fascinating . . . comprehensive . . . the definitive work on cryptography for computer programmers . . .” Dr. Dobb’s Journal

“. . .easily ranks as one of the most authoritative in its field.” PC Magazine

“. . .the bible of code hackers.” The Millennium Whole Earth Catalog

This new edition of the cryptography classic provides you with a comprehensive survey of modern cryptography. The book details how programmers and electronic communications professionals can use cryptography the technique of enciphering and deciphering messages to maintain the privacy of computer data. It describes dozens of cryptography algorithms gives practical advice on how to implement them into cryptographic software and shows how they can be used to solve security problems. Covering the latest developments in practical cryptographic techniques this new edition shows programmers who design computer applications networks and storage systems how they can build security into their software and systems.

What’s new in the Second Edition?
* New information on the Clipper Chip including ways to defeat the key escrow mechanism
* New encryption algorithms including algorithms from the former Soviet Union and South Africa and the RC4 stream cipher
* The latest protocols for digital signatures authentication secure elections digital cash and more
* More detailed information on key management and cryptographic implementations
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6.) Applied Cryptography Protocols Algorithms and Source Code in C

Please Read Notes: Brand New International Softcover Edition Printed in black and white pages minor self wear on the cover or pages Sale restriction may be printed on the book but Book name contents and author are exactly same as Hardcover Edition. Fast delivery through DHL/FedEx express.
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7.) Applied Cryptography and Network Security 16th International Conference ACNS 2018 Leuven Belgium July 2-4 2018 Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science)

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 16th International Conference on on Applied Cryptography and Network Security ACNS 2018 held in Leuven Belgium in July 2018.

The 36 revised full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 173 submissions. The papers were organized in topical sections named: Cryptographic Protocols; Side Channel Attacks and Tamper Resistance; Digital Signatures; Privacy Preserving Computation; Multi party Computation; Symmetric Key Primitives; Symmetric Key Primitives; Symmetric Key Cryptanalysis; Public Key Encryption; Authentication and Biometrics; Cloud and Peer to peer Security.

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8.) An Introduction to Mathematical Cryptography (Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics)

This self contained introduction to modern cryptography emphasizes the mathematics behind the theory of public key cryptosystems and digital signature schemes. The book focuses on these key topics while developing the mathematical tools needed for the construction and security analysis of diverse cryptosystems. Only basic linear algebra is required of the reader; techniques from algebra number theory and probability are introduced and developed as required. This text provides an ideal introduction for mathematics and computer science students to the mathematical foundations of modern cryptography. The book includes an extensive bibliography and index; supplementary materials are available online.

The book covers a variety of topics that are considered central to mathematical cryptography. Key topics include:

  • classical cryptographic constructions such as Diffie Hellmann key exchange discrete logarithm based cryptosystems the RSA cryptosystem and digital signatures;
  • fundamental mathematical tools for cryptography including primality testing factorization algorithms probability theory information theory and collision algorithms;
  • an in depth treatment of important cryptographic innovations such as elliptic curves elliptic curve and pairing based cryptography lattices lattice based cryptography and the NTRU cryptosystem.

The second edition of An Introduction

to Mathematical Cryptography includes a significant revision of the material on digital signatures including an earlier introduction to RSA Elgamal and DSA signatures and new material on lattice based signatures and rejection sampling. Many sections have been rewritten or expanded for clarity especially in the chapters on information theory elliptic curves and lattices and the chapter of additional topics has been expanded to include sections on digital cash and homomorphic encryption. Numerous new exercises have been included.

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9.) Introduction to Cryptography with Coding Theory (2nd Edition)

With its conversational tone and practical focus this text mixes applied and theoretical aspects for a solid introduction to cryptography and security including the latest significant advancements in the field. Assumes a minimal background. The level of math sophistication is equivalent to a course in linear algebra. Presents applications and protocols where cryptographic primitives are used in practice such as SET and SSL. Provides a detailed explanation of AES which has replaced Feistel based ciphers (DES) as the standard block cipher algorithm. Includes expanded discussions of block ciphers hash functions and multicollisions plus additional attacks on RSA to make readers aware of the strengths and shortcomings of this popular scheme. For engineers interested in learning more about cryptography.

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10.) Introduction to Modern Cryptography Principles and Protocols (Chapman Hall CRC Cryptography and Network Security Series)

Cryptography plays a key role in ensuring the privacy and integrity of data and the security of computer networks. Introduction to Modern Cryptography provides a rigorous yet accessible treatment of modern cryptography with a focus on formal definitions precise assumptions and rigorous proofs.

The authors introduce the core principles of modern cryptography including the modern computational approach to security that overcomes the limitations of perfect secrecy. An extensive treatment of private key encryption and message authentication follows. The authors also illustrate design principles for block ciphers such as the Data Encryption Standard (DES) and the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and present provably secure constructions of block ciphers from lower level primitives. The second half of the book focuses on public key cryptography beginning with a self contained introduction to the number theory needed to understand the RSA Diffie Hellman El Gamal and other cryptosystems. After exploring public key encryption and digital signatures the book concludes with a discussion of the random oracle model and its applications.

Serving as a textbook a reference or for self study Introduction to Modern Cryptography presents the necessary tools to fully understand this fascinating subject.
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