The Politics of Bitcoin Software as Right-Wing Extremism (Forerunners Ideas First)


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Since its introduction in 2009 Bitcoin has been widely promoted as a digital currency that will revolutionize everything from online commerce to the nation state. Yet supporters of Bitcoin and its blockchain technology subscribe to a form of cyberlibertarianism that depends to a surprising extent on far right political thought. The Politics of Bitcoin exposes how much of the economic and political thought on which this cryptocurrency is based emerges from ideas that travel the gamut from Milton Friedman F.A. Hayek and Ludwig von Mises to Federal Reserve conspiracy theorists.

Forerunners: Ideas First is a thought in process series of breakthrough digital publications. Written between fresh ideas and finished books Forerunners draws on scholarly work initiated in notable blogs social media conference plenaries journal articles and the synergy of academic exchange. This is gray literature publishing: where intense thinking change and speculation take place in scholarship.

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