Card Wallet LITECOIN Safe Offline Cold Storage Paper CryptoCurrancy LTC


The safest way to store a crypto currency

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The safest way to store crypto currency is a wallet (Krypto Wallet) it can be used both keys the public and private Key features. The Public Key is used for the reception of the coins book or simply to take a nap under the key is used for posting. Online services at you don a wallet the no Privatkey available for you. This online service should not be more accessible a hacker attack For Victims fall or a hardware flaw suffer allowing more you don’t have a lot to access the coins of this. A waterproof PVC plastic card with both keys (contrast as the number/letter combination and QR code) is the most secure way. The key is covered with a scratch area. There are no corners on the card When delivered. ‘The “Your Account with the card slides over the Blockchain see the currency. Guaranteeing a maximum safety the cards with a offline computer generated and with colour Comfort Stretch Mations technology Print. After each finished print both keys are added through a automatic script ecology. This is at each card a unique does not go Can be restored. Included are 1 card. This controller is recommended as well as for Bitcoin Blockchain as well as for the bitcoin cash coins. Card dimensions: 85.6 mm X 54 mm (ISO standard 7810) 0 76 mm thickness Please note colours of the images may vary slightly depending on your monitor settings. Note: The removing the phone from the scratch area so see the Privatkeys is a reason for the exclusion of the right. Note: These cards are professionals by a renowned PVC cards also referred to the printer. There are no home made cards. For our product images we have our cards abgelichtet. There are no graphics but original images. The safest way to store a crypto currency
Both keys on the card
No log no fees when 3rd party

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