Bitcoin Vault (Black)


Fun Place to Store your Bitcoin Paper Wallet

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This cast metal chamber features a 5 letter combination lock. You must spell the correct secret word or combination to open the chamber. Perfect for storing your Bitcoin paper wallet or any other valuable paper. **WARNING** THIS IS NOT A SECURE WAY TO STORE YOUR VALUABLES USE A SAFE DEPOSIT BOX OR SOME OTHER PERMANENT STORAGE TO BE TRULY PROTECTED You can change the combination to any 5 letter sequence you like. Metal chamber size is round 4″ long with a 1″ diameter Fun Place to Store your Bitcoin Paper Wallet
Heavy Duty Cast Metal
Set Any 5 Letter Combination you Wish
Use a Relic from the Past to Store your Digital Currency of the Future

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Manufacturer: Retroworks;
Model: Retro Bitcoin Vault Black;
MPN: Bitcoin Vault;
Part Number: Bitcoin Vault;
UPC: 784672193306;
Color: Black ;
Brand: Retroworks;
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Size: Large;
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Label: Retroworks;
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