1.) The Book Of Satoshi The Collected Writings of Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto

Have you like the rest of the world speculated as to the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto anonymous creator of Bitcoin?

The world’s first cryptocurrency Bitcoin went online in 2009 and has since revolutionized our concepts of currency and money. Not supported by any government or central bank completely electronic Bitcoin is a virtual currency based on advanced cryptographic systems.

Like the currency he created the identity of Bitcoin’s creator Satoshi Nakamoto is virtual existing only online. The Nakamoto persona which may represent an individual or a group exists only in the online publications that introduced and explained Bitcoin during its earliest days. Here collected and professionally published for the first time are the essential writings that detail Bitcoin’s creation.

Included are

  • Satoshi Nakamoto Emails and Posts on Computer Forums Presented in Chronological Order
  • Bitcoin Fundamentals Presented in Layman’s Terms
  • Bitcoin’s Potential and Profound Economic Implications
  • The Seminal Paper Which Started It All

The Book of Satoshi provides a convenient way to parse through what Bitcoin’s creator wrote over the span of the two years that constituted his “public life” before he disappeared from the Internet … at least under the name Satoshi Nakamoto. Beginning on November 1st 2009 with the publication of the seminal paper describing Bitcoin this public life ends at about the time PC World speculated as to a possible link between Bitcoin and WikiLeaks the infamous website that publishes leaked classified materials. Was there a connection? You be the judge.

Nakamoto’s true identity may never be known. Therefore the writings reproduced here are probably all the world will ever hear from him concerning Bitcoin’s creation workings and theoretical basis. Want to learn more about Bitcoin? Go directly to the source—the writings of the creator himself Satoshi Nakamoto!

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2.) Cryptoassets The Innovative Investor’s Guide to Bitcoin and Beyond

                The innovative investor’s guide to an entirely new asset class—from two experts on the cutting edge

                With the rise of bitcoin and blockchain technology investors can capitalize on the greatest investment opportunity since the Internet. Bitcoin was the first cryptoasset but today there are over 800 and counting including ether ripple litecoin monero and more. This clear concise and accessible guide from two industry insiders shows you how to navigate this brave new blockchain world’and how to invest in these emerging assets to secure your financial future.

                Cryptoassets gives you all the tools you need:


  •          An actionable framework for investigating and valuing cryptoassets

  •          Portfolio management techniques to maximize returns while managing risk

  •          Historical context and tips to navigate inevitable bubbles and manias

  •          Practical guides to exchanges wallets capital market vehicles and ICOs

  •          Predictions on how blockchain technology may disrupt current portfolios

                In addition to offering smart investment strategies this authoritative resource will help you understand how these assets were created how they work and how they are evolving amid the blockchain revolution. The authors define a clear and original cryptoasset taxonomy composed of cryptocurrencies cryptocommodities and cryptotokens with insights into how each subset is blending technology and markets. You’ll find a variety of methods to invest in these assets whether through global exchanges trading 24/7 or initial cryptoasset offerings (ICOs). By sequentially building on the concepts of each prior chapter the book will provide you with a full understanding of the cryptoasset economy and the opportunities that await the innovative investor.

                Cryptoassets represent the future of money and markets. This book is your guide to that future.

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3.) Bitcoin Starters Complete Guide to Easily Buy Invest and Trade with Bitcoin (The Complete Beginners Guide to Buying Investing and Trading with Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Book 1)

Your Easy to Follow Bitcoin Guide

Let me show you just how easy it is for you to get into the digital revolution of Bitcoin. Whether you want to (1) know all about Bitcoin (2) know all the best ways to acquire and manage Bitcoin or (3) you just want to know how to Use Bitcoin to Your advantage this book will give you all you need to know in this easy to follow guide.

Get excited because you are about to learn just how powerful and useful Bitcoin can be to you and your lifestyle. There is no need for a degree or special training when it comes to Bitcoin. All you need is the right information the right mindset and the right support. I will easily help you with all of these!

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the first and the most well known cryptocurrency on the market that offers you a dazzling array of powerful options. As the first and most well known cryptocurrency it currently holds the powerful advantage of being a Category King. A category king can occur if a product comes out first and then is able to maintain the brand over time. In the following pages I will easily answer all your Bitcoin questions and guide you on your golden path to Bitcoin Glory.

Enjoy the Freedom that Bitcoin offers:

  • Purchases
  • Investing
  • Trading
  • Mining
  • Your Business and much more!

Bitcoin solves a lot of problems

Bitcoin is very flexible and is friendly to new users and does not come with a lot of restrictions that other traditional methods may have. I can take you through the process of using Bitcoin so that you are fully informed and able to easily apply all the strategies that you discover. I will also share other people’s experiences and insights so that you can learn from them and avoid common mistakes. This book will guide you from the very beginning of your Bitcoin journey all the way until the end. After reading this book you will have all that you need in order to start using Bitcoin like a pro.

What Will You Learn About Bitcoin?

  • The best places to easily acquire your own Bitcoins.
  • How to choose the right Bitcoin wallet and why this is so important.
  • How to easily understand Bitcoin transactions.
  • How Bitcoin can boost your business.
  • Common mistakes people have made and how to avoid them.

You Will Also Discover:

  • How to identify the right time to purchase Bitcoins and when to cash your investment in.
  • Just how incredibly versatile Bitcoin can be.
  • How to create and execute an effective investment plan with Bitcoins.
  • How to develop the ideal strategies for making money with Bitcoin in the long term.
  • How to protect yourself when using Bitcoin.

Enjoy the sweet melody of bitcoins clinking into your wallet: Get this book now!

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4.) The 90 Minute Bitcoin Quick Start The No Nonsense Guide To Getting Started Quickly With Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency

I accidentally stumbled into the world of cryptocurrency when I bought $20 of Bitcoin in 2012 while researching an article. Today I own 46 cryptocurrencies and published this book with my entire laundry list of tips tricks and strategies I have picked up over the last six years. Everyone that has read the book has told me that they have never seen such a complete list of resources on everything from Bitcoin debit cards to affiliate programs to Bitcoin IRAs and much more. As a result of the success of this book I have also launched a blog with updates at BitcoinBloodhound. I wish you the best on your cryptocurrency journey!

James L. Paris

The Money Revolution Has Begun!

  • Are You Ready For The Greatest Creation Of Wealth In History?
  • The One Book That You Need To Get Started Quickly With Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency
  • How To Make Your First Bitcoin Purchase With Less Than $10
  • How To Pocket Bitcoin FOR FREE As An Affiliate Marketer
  • Strategies For Finding Low Cost Penny Cryptos That Could Be The Bitcoin Of Tomorrow
  • How To Buy Bitcoin Inside An IRA or Brokerage Account
  • Strategies For Short Term And Day Trading Cryptocurrency
  • How To Protect Yourself From Scams Hackers And Rip Offs  

James L. Paris is an early adopter of Bitcoin and founder of BitcoinBloodHound.com.  He made his first purchase of Bitcoin in 2012. Paris is the author of more than thirty books including Living Financially Free  Money Management for Those Who Don’t Have Any  The 100 Best Investments for Your Retirement and Exposing the Ponzi Masters. He is a graduate of the College for Financial Planning and has owned and operated a wide array of financial firms including a nationwide broker dealer and investment adviser a mortgage brokerage a real estate brokerage and a publishing company. He has participated in the public and private securities offerings of more than 100 companies and worked for more than a decade as a private portfolio manager.
Paris presently hosts Jim Paris Live a nationwide Sunday night radio show (JimParisRadio.com). Paris has been a “regular” in national and worldwide financial media for more than three decades appearing on a wide variety of well known programs and media outlets including Fox News Channel The 700 Club Coast To Coast AM Daystar Television Moody Radio Network and countless others. Prior to hosting his own syndicated television show and numerous national radio broadcasts he was the regular guest host of the nationwide Charles J. Givens radio program. He also served as a financial commentator for the Orlando CBS affiliate in the late 1980s. 
Paris is a third degree black in Taekwondo a women’s self defense instructor NRA firearms instructor and an accomplishedtrumpet player. Jim has been married to his wife Ann for 31 years. They have three adult children and two dogs and live in Palm Coast Florida.

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5.) The Internet of Money

While many books explain the how of bitcoin The Internet of Money delves into the why of bitcoin. Acclaimed information security expert and author of Mastering Bitcoin Andreas M. Antonopoulos examines and contextualizes the significance of bitcoin through a series of essays spanning the exhilarating maturation of this technology.

Bitcoin a technological breakthrough quietly introduced to the world in 2008 is transforming much more than finance. Bitcoin is disrupting antiquated industries to bring financial independence to billions worldwide. In this book Andreas explains why bitcoin is a financial and technological evolution with potential far exceeding the label “digital currency.”

Andreas goes beyond exploring the technical functioning of the bitcoin network by illuminating bitcoin’s philosophical social and historical implications. As the internet has essentially transformed how people around the world interact and has permanently impacted our lives in ways we never could have imagined bitcoin the internet of money is fundamentally changing our approach to solving social political and economic problems through decentralized technology.
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6.) BE LEFT BEHIND Discover Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Before Your Grandma Beats You to It


Cryptocurrency can feel like an incomprehensible world especially when you’re just getting started. We’ve both been through the whole process of learning how to buy send spend and invest in cryptocurrency so we know how frustrating and confusing it can be. By the end of this book you are going to be feeling a whole lot more confident than you do right now; in fact we’re sure you are going to want to get more involved. Back when we were getting started we had a ton of questions about how to get into blockchain and cryptocurrency such as:

• How do I get started?

• What is Bitcoin?

• How do I buy and spend Bitcoin?

• Is Bitcoin safe?

• How do I keep my data safe and private?

• What’s the difference between blockchain and cryptocurrency?

• What’s the difference between cryptocurrency and coins?

• Is it all a giant pyramid or Ponzi scheme?

• How do I spot a scam and avoid losing my money?

• How do I store my coins and keep them safe?

• Should I invest?

If you don’t yet know the answers to these questions you’re not alone most people can’t answer a single one. People are intimidated by cryptocurrency and think it’s too complicated to wrap their heads around so they give up. Worse they feel that the cryptocurrency craze has already passed them by and they’ve missed the boat or don’t want to be left behind. We’re here to tell you that it’s not too complicated to learn and nothing has passed you by.

We’ve written this book as your one stop shop for everything blockchain cryptocurrency and coins. Stick with us just like thousands of our followers do and you’ll not only understand the difference between these concepts; you’ll also learn how you can send buy spend and invest and learn how to keep your coins safe and learn all about what the future of cryptocurrency and blockchain has in store for you.
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7.) The Bitcoin Book Simplifying Bitcoin so you can Thrive in the New Digital Economy

Bitcoin has taken the world by storm

but what exactly is Bitcoin and what’s so unique about it?

In the Bitcoin Book Josh and Matt reveal the simple steps you can take to master bitcoin in the fastest time possible. 

Josh was an early adopter who first got started with Bitcoin in 2012 when the price was under $100. Almost immediately he realized the potential of what Bitcoin could be and became deeply involved.

Together Josh and Matt have almost 10 years of combined experience with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. From day trading to investing in crypto startups running nodes mining using dApps building blockchain startups coding smart contracts … The list goes on and on. You name it  they’ve done it.

In the book they cover:

  • What Bitcoin is and how it works

  • Why Bitcoin is a revolutionary technology

  • How Bitcoin beats the fiat currency that we use today

  • How you can easily send and receive bitcoin 

  • How to safely store your bitcoin so it never gets lost or stolen

  • What you NEED to know before you buy bitcoin

  • And much more

They explain bitcoin in a way that is easy for anyone to understand and relate to even if they have zero prior knowledge on the subject. By using analogies and examples they turn something that is seemingly complex into something that is easy for anyone to grasp. 

Whether your an entrepreneur a student or just a person that likes learning new things  you will be able to to take this knowledge and immediately apply it to participate in the new digital economy. 

The Bitcoin Book is an essential read for anyone looking to gain a better understanding of this new technology. 

It packs everything you need to master bitcoin quick and easy.

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8.) The Official Bitcoin Coloring Book

The long awaited volume from Satoshi Nakamoto renowned polymath and creator of Bitcoin is finally here! Printed on a brilliant white paper The Official Bitcoin Coloring Book* is packed with unique right brain insights into this revolutionary digital currency. Whether you are a novice investor expert cryptocurrency trader or hodlr discover the relaxation and inner calm that is proof of the coloring work the zen state that can help you to capitalize on Bitcoin’s tremendous potential. And if you enjoy solving challenging puzzles the book also contains clues to finding hidden caches of Bitcoin treasure containing more than 100 million satoshis.

Remember this cryptic quote from Nakamoto: “There is more to the art of colouring than meets the eye. Quite a bit more.”

THE OFFICIAL BITCOIN COLORING BOOK is *Blockchain Verified and 100% Gluten Free.

The author is donating 100% of his book royalties to STEM and environmental education programs serving underprivileged youth.

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9.) Why Buy Bitcoin Investing Today in the Money of Tomorrow

Some people still view Bitcoin as a startup. But despite being declared dead many times by the mainstream media Bitcoin grows stronger every year. What’s going on? It’s not too late to learn about Bitcoin and invest. Bitcoin’s value has grown exponentially over multiple boom and bust cycles spanning a decade. Bitcoin is an Internet native phenomenon like Alibaba Amazon Apple Facebook Google Netflix Microsoft and Tencent. It therefore benefits from the “network effect” which makes it dramatically more valuable as the network grows. But its potential value is much larger than the giant Internet companies we know so well. If Bitcoin reaches that potential its value could rise by 50 times its current price in the coming decade. This book will help you understand the role of money in our society the current state of debt in our economy and how Bitcoin provides a better solution.
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10.) Bitcoin Pizza The No-Bullshit Guide to Blockchain

When you hear the word blockchain what’s your reaction? Do you think it’s a fad that’s been overhyped but will soon be forgotten? Or maybe you have a vague understanding of how the technology works but you’re unsure of how it will impact your life.

Neither reaction is wrong. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are still in their infancy—but they will soon fuel a worldwide cultural and technological paradigm shift that will disrupt every major industry: finance supply chain film and arts distribution digital rights automotive social media data security real estate and more.

In Bitcoin Pizza Sam Radocchia offers an eye opening exploration of what blockchain is and how it will radically change our world. Whether you’re an executive looking to prepare your business for a decentralized future or a newcomer curious about the blockchain hype this fun and relatable guide will give you the confidence to explore this technology in more detail by first showing you the big picture. Instead of looking at blockchain with trepidation you’ll come away thrilled by the possibilities.

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